About us

Brome Mirabel Ingredients is a team of consultants specialising in the management of agro-food residues and sampling. Our services cover the full gamut of related activities i.e. all stages of the logistics chain – always with an eye on reducing costs, compliance with relevant legislation, respect for the natural environment and farming, as well as the marketing of residual agricultural waste throughout North America. We are officially authorised to carry out  sampling activities for Notices of Project.

CCG Environnement (CCG) became Brome Mirabel Ingredients with the addition of many new services. Examples of this include the drying of declassified fruits and vegetables and running an organic farm. From 1994 onwards we have recycled several hundred  thousand tons of all sorts of organic residues, notably sewage sludge, ligneous waste and inert residues.

Moreover, Brome Mirabel Ingredients took part in a number of research projects in this field.

Similarly, Brome Mirabel Ingredients has managed many types of residual waste. Some examples of these are brewer’s grains, dairy byproducts for Danone, Lantic/Rogers refined sugar sludge , sweet corn liquid residues and Lassonde apple waste water sludge. Brome Mirabel Ingredients provides a straightforward and efficient turn-key service involving just one expert, contact person.  As project managers we are in a position to organise transport to the place of stockage at the farm. Over the years, Brome Mirabel Ingredients has acquired wide-ranging experience in adding value to wastes, whether it be at composting sites, with a range of impermeable storage structures, or simply organizing land reclamation projects

Thanks to our team of professional agronomists, we are able to obtain all the necessary permits and authorisations, namely: the Nutrient Management Plan (NMP) and the Recycling Plan (PAER), as well as the necessary municipal permits and requests for certificates of compliancy. Our technicians supervise work in the field under the guidance of a professional agronomist. We use the physical-chemical analyses carried out by authorised laboratories.

This vast experience gives us full and total expertise when it comes to storage and spreading logistics for all types of fertilising residual materials (FRMs).

We have already been granted more than a hundred certificates of compliancy by the Ministry of Sustainable Development, Environment, and Action against Climate Change (MSDEACC) We have worked with a wide range of different generators of residues, including several Quebec treatment plants, as well as various companies such as Cascades, Molson, Mc Auslan and Domtar.

Since 2013 Brome Mirabel Ingredients has been developing an innovative project  for adding value to apple pomace. Quebec is a major player in the apple-processing market. Cider and apple-juice production generates unwelcome waste which we can transform into useful residues; these are dried and then marketed, in both Canada and the United states.  Furthermore,  Brome Mirabel Ingredients purchased an organic farm in Mirabel in 2012, and has run it since that date in association with ‘Aliments Breton’ .

Lastly, Brome Mirabel Ingredients is authorised by the MSDEACC to take sample  FRMs.