Fertilizing Residual Materials (FRMs) are industrial or municipal residues such as waste-water sludge (also called bio solids), cement powder and wood ash.  These residuals have beneficial fertilisation potential for soils and crops.  By agreement manure is not considered an FRM because it originates in agriculture and is regulated by other authorities.

Odour categories are presented in the FR Guide page 81. However, residuals are specified by general categories. For certain materials it is appropriate to request an odour reclassification. In these cases  Brome Mirabel Ingredients  works with the Ministry of the Environment in setting up odour-testing panels to improve residual classifications and hence obtain better conditions for land spreading and composting.

No human activity is totally risk-free. However, the risk is very low when recycling FRMs in Quebec agriculture.  Our work is authorised by the Ministry of the Environment and complies with strict guidelines. As far as odour problems are concerned much improvement has been achieved to accommodate neighbours and nearby installations.

The MOE in the recent 2015 Guide for FRMs modified certain compliancy approvals to allow simpler Notices of Project.  The latter have many advantages, including faster turnaround. In almost every case a simple document signed by a member of the agronomic board (OAQ) suffices, together with  sampling provided by an accredited firm.

Accredited sampling can take two forms : Continuous and discontinuous.  This pertains to how the FRM is produced. If the fertilising residual results from a continuous process, the sample must adequately correspond to a day of production, whereas if the FR results from a determined quantity the sampling takes place at the accumulated pile. In this case the number of samples is determined by the total volume of the pile.

Apple pomace can be managed in various ways.  We aim to provide permanent integrated solutions for our suppliers. We prioritize drying to produce a valuable finished product. Brome Mirabel Ingredients also organises the use of this residue as animal feed.  Finally apple residues can be composted or used as an agricultural fertiliser.

Yes we have far-reaching experience in the logistics of transport and elimination.  Our suppliers work in bulk or with transfer bins equipped with appropriate liners.  Contact us to find the optimal, tailor-made solution for your needs.

No; there any frequent regulatory and administrative exclusions.  Contact us for further information.