Management of agro-food residual materials

Why seek to recycle FRMs?

Biosolids or Fertilising Residual Materials (FRMs) are by-products arising from waste water treatment of agri-food  processing. Biosolids supply nutrients and organic matter, which are vital  for the successful growing of major crops.

Advantages of using FRMS to add value

FRMs have a number of advantages:

  • They provide fertiliser

Farmers can benefit from the availability of new fertilisers and quality soil amendments, which enhance crop yields, help to reduce fertiliser costs, and contribute to  soil conservation.

  • They reduce costs

According to both municipal authorities and industry the use of FRMs reduces the cost of managing and eliminating certain residual materials.

  • They protect the environment

Their use also reduces resource wastage as well as as the need for landfill or incineration. In this way about one million tonnes of  FRMs are diverted from the waste stream every year.

Safe products

We prefer to view FRMs as quality products rather than waste to be eliminated by landfill when their use in agricultural is carried out according to the criteria laid down by the Ministry of the Environment

The agricultural value of FRMs is not enough, in and of itself, to allow them to be used as fertilizer.  These products  have to comply with some of the strictest environmental-quality requirements in the world. FRMs must first be sampled and analysed by authorized laboratories in Quebec. In order to allow them to be used for soil enhancement the amount of contaminants must be a strict minimum, below certain thresholds, as prescribed by the MOE..

Furthermore, FRM land spreading must be carried out according to best practice; our agronomist and her team of seasoned technicians supervise this and ensure that it takes place according to the conditions and practices determined by the  MOE

When farmers agree to use FRMs on their land they commit to  adhere to best practice codes in both their own interest and in the interests of  environmental protection.

Our specialized professional manure spreaders use cutting-edge technology in order to minimise soil compaction and to ensure highly accurate dosage.