Our team

Jack Kugelmass

In 1994 Jack Kugelmass set up Outarde Environment. Outarde went on to become CCG Environnement and, later, Brome Mirabel Ingredients. He now has more than 26 years of professional experience as a consultant in agri-food residues  and in environmental projects.

After eight years spent as an engineer in the Canadian Merchant Marine Jack chose to study for a Master’s degree in environmental studies at the Université de Sherbrooke from 1987 to 1990. His thesis dealt with the ecological restoration of a water-table that had been contaminated by creosote. From 1991 to 1993 Jack undertook doctoral research in Labrador on the subject of climate change in the Labrador Sea. It was then that he decided to set up his own business.

With a career in the field that already spans almost 3 decades he has guided over one hundred applications for authorisation certificates for land application projects and completed a great many studies on recycling FRMs, including sampling, analysis and  characterisation .He managed a composting site for seven years and took part in a number of studies for  R & D on composting odour problems. He has also found ways of making profitable use of various types of residues, such as paper mill and municipal sludges, and brewery residues.   Over the last four years he has been working in a major drying project for agri-food residues.

Marlène Vanhaeke

Marlène Vanhaeke is a member of the Ordre des Agronomes du Québec and has been working for Brome Mirabel Ingredients since 2015; she prepares applications for Certificates of compliancy to recycle FRMs and draws up agro-environmental fertilisation plans.

Marlène is also a quality-control consultant for Isagri; she is involved in a program for agricultural holding management.  She works on aspects that are both technical (fertilisation, crop rotation, plot operation management, mineral and organic fertiliser management, phytosanitary product management) and regulatory (mandatory declarations, compliance with environmental regulations on day-to-day plot management) in order to make sure that the program meets the needs of farmers when it comes to crop management.

From 2008 until 2010 she worked for CCG Environment, where she was head of Agricultural recycling operations; she guided certificate of compliancy request projects and for building storage ponds for FRMs. She has therefore gained considerable experience in recycling FRMs (green waste, treatment plant sludge, etc ). In addition to regulatory compliance aspects, one of her roles is to advise farmers on the economic facets of land reclamation in this way and to highlight the economic and environmental advantages that can accrue to them. Marlene is deeply involved in the world of agriculture and, from 2003 until 2007, she was a coordinator in a help centre for future farmers in Joliette; there she drew up plans to activate abandoned farms. Her academic background (Master’s degree) enables her to be fully at ease when it comes to researching relevant information in the scientific literature and analysing and compiling that information, along with data from fieldwork. She presents the whole in reports that make clear for all.